A Food Photography School for All Levels

We created Foodtography School for the eager student looking to take their photos from RAW to rockstar. This is a fast-paced, information-packed course that will forever change your food photos.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and all skill levels. Even if you're just starting out, this course will help you improve your photography. 




In this course, you'll study classical art techniques like the rule of thirds, textural layering, and implied movement, in order to energize your compositions and speed up your shooting process. 


You have a unique way of seeing the world, and your photos should be the ultimate reflection of that. Through visual branding exercises, you'll develop a look and feel that is distinct to you. 


None of this matters unless you treat your food photographs as a business. This course will teach you how to market your photos and yourself, so that you can turn your passion into a profitable business.


Everything Included When You Join Today:


Introduction to Composition

Part 01: Core Composition Principles

Part 02: Shooting with Perspective

Part 03: Capturing Movement

Part 04: Textural and Contrast Layering

Part 05: Importance of Working in Multiples

Implementing What You've Learned



Introduction to Light & Color

Part 01: Understanding Slides

Part 02: How to Shoot in Good Light

Part 03: How to Manipulate Bad Light

Part 04: Understanding Color

Part 05: Color Stories

Part 06: Finding Your Visual Voice

Putting it to Practice



Introduction to Social Media

Part 01: Misconceptions About Social Media

Part 02: Branding

Part 03: Importance of Value

Part 04: How to Grow Your Audience

Part 05: Your Top Social Questions Answered

Real World Application



Introduction to Marketing

Part 01: Content Marketing

Part 02: Why Foodtography is Valuable to Brands

Part 03: Your Marketing Checklist

Part 04: Pricing Your Work

Part 05: Cultivating Amazing Brand Relationships

Putting it into Effect



Foodtography School is founded on the belief that food photography, like any other form of visual art, is inherently linked to strong composition and visual principles of design. In studying these topics, your food photography will transform into a still form of art. Hear from some of our students - from most beginner to most advanced!

The Proof Is In Our Students' Results

Check out these stunning before & afters, and hear what past students have to say about our course!


Ariel Liang

"This course taught me to know my worth. I now style and shoot with purpose, and approach brands knowing my skill set is valuable. That alone was a game changer."


Tamsin Sophia

"Editing techniques helped me create a a consistent editing look and feel for all my photos. I feel like my look is more consistent."


Jess Larson

"This course was an absolute turning point in my food photography career. I feel more confident knowing how to price myself, and pitch to clients. I've already realized over 5X return on my course investment"


Felipe Tamayo Bournás 

"I’ve had SO much fun reshooting old recipes from my blog and it has been truly the best investment ever"



Mary Smith

"My biggest win from joining Foodtography School was getting my first paid sponsorship! My Instagram following has also increased from less than 1,000 to 3,250 in 3 months 🙂"  


Ann Nyugen

"I used to sit in front of my setup and feel so stumped . Unit 1 on composition was such a game changer for me - I now go into my shoots with so much more confidence checklist of things to look for. I also have a much better understanding of lighting and editing!"


Jennifer Shreckengost

“What I loved most about the course was the branding unit. It’s helped me begin to develop a consistent look and feel that complements my brand. Before I was all over the place in terms of colors, composition, and even recipes. Now I’m thinking more deliberately when crafting recipes and photographs"


Rosana Machiela

"What I've loved most about this course has been the awesome people I've "met" and the community here."


Tiffany Cohen

"I’m going on to Week 3 of the class and there’s such an obvious improvement to me. Same recipe. The one one left was made last year and this was last night. So excited to see my growth in this class."

"Foodtography School was amazing. Since taking the course I have booked 2 full rate paying jobs. I’ve already made $1000 since finishing the course and it has made me so excited that I can actually make this into a career. Through Sarah's suggestion of reaching out to brands on Facebook I am now in talks with multiple brands for collaborations. Sarah's openness about everything is so refreshing and inspiring. She is an amazing teacher and mentor, joining the tribe was one of the best decisions of my life."


"When I saw this course was open I thought to myself, I'll take this course and if I don't see a little bit of growth, or jobs, or improvement .. I'm done. Thankfully, by week 2 in the course, Whole Foods reached out to me for a photography gig! I was in shock. I've also gotten reposted by quite a few bigger accounts including laurenconrad.com. I'm also working with multiple brands that I pitched and am currently developing a few long-term relationships. My Instagram following also grew, but this course helped me realize that quality is much more important than quantity - and I'm continuously working on building a community instead of just adding numbers to my following count. This week I made more than double the money with this ("my side hustle") than my other job. If this keeps up I can go full-time! So, yeah this course saved my brand and my dreams. THANK YOU!”"


"To be clear, I had barely held a DSLR before taking this course! In just a few weeks with your lessons, I have defined my mood, messaging and color story, I know how to adjust my camera settings to get the exposure, focus and dreamy blurred background that I want, I know how to choose a camera angle based on my subject matter, and I know my way around Lightroom to edit my photos in a style that is consistent and speaks to my mood and messaging. These have been the biggest breakthroughs for me as a beginner who has not yet launched her blog, because my focus is on creating amazing and consistent content. Once I dive deeper, I know the course will continue to be useful for me in a whole new way."


" I got my first DSLR a few months ago, and have been practicing ever since. I did join [another course] and found their photography courses helpful, but I wasn't sure if just blogging was exactly the direction I wanted to take. Foodtography helped me soooooooo much in taking the basics to the next level. I liked how the homework assignments made us think about the moods and messages we wanted to convey. I still have a lot of practice to do but now I have a set of guidelines to keep myself focused and to check if the pictures I'm taking fit with my final goals. My biggest breakthrough with Foodtography was definitely learning to work with Lightroom! I plan to use what I learned to promote my cake decorating workshops."


"I LOVED the course. It was incredibly helpful and I am so excited to have received my first paid sponsorship shortly after finishing the course. My creativity is at an all-time high right now and I am more excited than ever to continue pursuing this journey."


Our Students Have Been Featured In...

Look what Dunkin' Donuts, Crate and Barrel, and Christina Tosi have in common.





 Unit 01: Fundamentals and Composition

Unit 02: Light & Color

Unit 03: Social Media

Unit 04: Marketing

Bonus training on Props & Backgrounds

Bonus training on Food Styling

Bonus training Lightroom Mini Course

Bonus training on Top 5 Broma Lightroom Presets

Bonus training on Smartphone Editing



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