Custom Lightroom Food Photography Presets (Pack of 5)

Editing food photographs can be difficult. To help, here are 5 custom Lightroom presets for food photography!

Purchase your 5 Presets now and get:
  1. I LOVE BROWNIES :: this preset creates a light, bright, and contrasty edit. Your photos will have richer colors, bright and blown out highlights, and a lot of clarity. This preset works best on photos with yellows, greens, and blues, and does not work as well with reds and purples.
  2. CHOCOLATE BB :: This preset is made for chocolate. It deepens reds and oranges for that rich and luxurious look. Use this preset when photographing brownies, ganaches, truffles, or basically anything with CHOCOLATE!
  3. SHE’S ALL THAT :: this preset makes for a bold food photograph. It creates beautiful separation between lights and blacks, with deep shadows and soft highlights. Whites are clean and desaturated, and greens pop. It’s great for all colors in the spectrum.
  4. 350°F :: this food photography preset makes for rich, golden photographs. It creates bright white whites, dark blacks, and muted midtones. This preset is fantastic for reds and oranges, and does not work as well on lighter photos.
  5. Icing Queen :: this preset is excellent for lighter food photography, while still packing a contrasty punch. It de-brightens oranges, reds, and blues, and saturates yellows and purples. It is phenomenal for photos with cooler, blue tones, or lighter backgrounds in general.

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